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How to pay with Paypal->

Head shot: $5.00
Bust/Half-Body: $10.00
Full Body: $15.00
Chibi: $10.00
***Backgrounds start at $5.00***
****Each additional character is $5.00****

What I will draw:
Sailor Moon/ Anime
Mythical Creatures (Centaurs, dragons, etc.)

What I will NOT draw:
Extreme Violence (a little blood is okay)

:star: :star: :star: Please fill out this form and send it to me in a note if you are seriously interested :star: :star: :star:
1. Character: please give me a referance picture of the character you pick, even if I have drawn them before.
2. Info on the character: So I know their personality so I can draw them accurately.
3. Type of Commission: Please tell me what type of commission your are interested it getting
4. Setting- What setting, provide a referance picture if you have a specific one in mind
5. Clothing: please provide a picture of their clothing if you have a certain one in mind, if you dont just let me know I have free reign when designing their clothes.

IMPORTANT: I will NOT start drawing until I recieve payment. I will send a sketch to you before I outline in case I need to change anything.I am a full time worker and student so please be patient. I get pictures done as fast as I can without sacrificing the quality of the picture.



Leven- May 21, 1771
Mayla- Jan. 21, 1772

Nerus- Jan. 25, 1789
Suani- Oct. 7, 1789
Nerin- March 27, 1809

Araxie- April 5, 1791
Dune- July 13, 1783
Shea- June 1, 1817

Luna- Feb. 5, 1781
Jax- 1780-1805

Dimitrious- Nov. 18, 1795
Avalon- March 16, 1799

Lorelei- June 1, 1819
Asher- Dec. 24, 1816
Lornic- Aug. 2, 1838
Ashlynn- Aug. 2, 1838
Brizo- Aug. 24, 1840
Dustan- 1841
Eve- April 18, 1845

Lillianna- Dec. 3, 1821
Gregory- May 11, 1819
Daugther- 1840
Twin Son- 1843
Twin Son- 1843

Dustan- June 5, 1793
Marie- April1, 1795
Eric- Jan. 26, 1814
Sharon-Rose- July 16, 1824

Kai Sr. 1831-1852
Laura- March 3, 1833
Kai Jr.- Sept. 1, 1852
Hey everyone! Here is a bit of a timeline to help sort their story. I know for me, I think of situations and draw them out of order. Hopefully this will help! 1angel0wings1, My-Anne let me know if I missed anything or put it in the wrong place :love:

How they meet/ before they are married:

The Girl On The Shore
"You nervous?" Asher shrugged as he walked the shoreline with Eugene.
"Of being a Captain? Or that I have to sail across the ocean in a couple months?"
"Your nervous."
"Yes but its excitement too. I never been anywhere but Corona."
"I wish I could join you." Asher laughed at Eugene.
"Rapunzel said the same thing the other day."
"She might want it more than me considering she's been in a tower most of her life."
"What?" Asher asked surprised and Eugene sighed.
"Story for another day." He looked to the horizon as the sun lowered more into it. "Well ill let you enjoy the rest of your day off." Eugene reached his hand toward Asher and he took with a hearty grip. He patted his back and headed back up to the docks.
Asher stayed and decided to watch the sunset on the waves. He set himself on a rock close to the water he then pulled out a small booklet from his coat pocket and flipped through the pages. Revealing tiny illustrations as he flew to a blank page. His mother was an artist and learn
Arrow Bullet (Blue) - F2U!  I'll Be Your Legs
Lorelei emerged from the water and looked up and around her. It was a small cave that connected to the ocean. Asher said to meet here right?
"Lorelei," She twirled her head toward the voice. Asher stood waving from the other side of the cave. "Glad you could come." She swam over to the edge of the rock floor. Asher reached his hand down and she took it and he helped her hoist herself up to the edge. She gave a thankful smile and adjusted her body. She began to ring the water out of her teal hair and glanced behind her, it seems Asher had set up a large basket next to the water.
"What's this?" Lorelei asked with a laugh. Asher sat next to her and rubbed his hands together.
"I'll show you," He began pulling out all sorts of things green, blue, even red. She gave a curious glance to all the strange things he placed in front of her. "Human food, we have blue berries, apples and celery." She watched as he began to slice the, what was it? An apple? He gave her a slice of the red object and s
Arrow Bullet (Blue) - F2U! The Deepest Well (Part 1)Asher hoped along the rocks in the cave...their cave. He was going to see her today, his mermaid Lorelei.
Lorelei surfaced the ocean with a smile stretched across her lips. Asher matched her smile as he crossed the rocks to meet her.
“I found it, a way for me to be human!” Lorelei said as Asher reached down to help her onto a rock.
“What?” Asher lost his balance and fell into the water. Asher surfaced as Lorelei wrapped her arms around his neck and laughed. He held her for only a moment and then put space between them.
“What do you mean you found it? What is it? What do I have to do?” Asher’s questions raced out of him.
“We” Lorelei corrected with a smile.
“We” Asher eyes grew gentle. He liked the sound of “we”.
“I heard from my grandmother’s childhood friend who is an expert in myths. She told me that there is a well surround for miles by land, the deepest well in the world and at the bottom lays
Arrow Bullet (Blue) - F2U! The Deepest Well (Part 2)Dawn came to fast but they were ready. Lorelei was waiting for Asher when he arrived with Adiya. Asher dismounted and walked to Lorelei.
“Are you ready?” Asher held out his hand to Lorelei.
Lorelei took his hand and nodded.
Asher lifted her off of the rock she was sitting on and placed her on a mat.
Lorelei looked up at him in confusion but Asher just smiled. He wrapped the mat around her fin and placed a jacket around her shoulders. The less attention they drew to her while traveling, the quicker they would be able to go.
Asher picked Lorelei up once more and placed her on Adiya’s saddle. Making sure she was comfortable, Asher sat behind her. Before they left, Asher took out a container and poured it on the mat he had placed over her fin. Water…ocean water. He had packed enough to pour on the mat for the journey to make sure she was comfortable.
Warmth spread through her as she gazed up at Asher. He had thought of everything.
Asher took the reins in one hand an

After they are married/ before the twins:

No fear when im with you
Asher caught up with Lorelei on the beach. She noticed him not far from behind and started to walk faster away from him. She held her Shaw close to her from the cold night wind as she tried getting as far away as she could.
"Go away Asher!" He jogged up in front of her and she stopped seeing Asher frowning annoyed at his young wife.
"Lorelei it is dangerous out here. You know that people are looking for me don't you?" Lorelei ignored and tried walking past but Asher side stepped to block her. "Why are you so upset with me?"Asher asked. Lorelei sighed and looked down at the sand.
"Why do you think Asher. You told me-" She tried to stop the tears stinging at her eyes. "That you don't want to have a baby."
"I didn't say it like that." He grabbed her shoulders softly and sadly. "Lorelei...I would love to have a family with you. But-"
"If our baby receives any of my magical ability...I-I....So much pain and heartache comes with it. I don't want him or her to carry that bu

Lorelei pregnant with the twins:

Our Home By The Shore
"Lorelei sat on her rocking chair outside the cabin. Asher knew living on land would be hard to adjust to for a mermaid so he built the cabin next to the shore. She loved him for that. She rested her hand on her belly rubbing around it with her hand. It's strange being pregnant but exciting at the same time.
"Lorelei!" She looked to find Asher sprinting Adiya toward them. He jumped off his saddle in mid run and raced to Lorelei, he jumped the steps leading up to the porch and fell to his knees by her.
"Lorie! I came as quickly as I could! Are you all right?"
Lorelei blinked in confusion and smiled. "Um...Yes? Why wouldn't I be?"
Asher sighed loudly and rested his head in her lap careful of her belly. "Eugene's right...I am paranoid."
Lorelei laughed and curled her fingers in rogue strands of his hair. "I'm nervous too."
He lifted his head to her with an uneasy grin. "I wish I could be as calm as you," He placed his hands around her stomach. "But I'm so excited to meet this little one."

After the twins are born (twins are young...maybe 14ish months):

Our Story (Part 1)"Tell us how you met!"
Dimitrious paused his shark noises he was making while chasing Lornic around the room and sighed.
"Lillianna, you have heard it a hundred times!" Dimitrious grinned. He knew she wasn't going to give up and was already moving to the center of the group to tell his story.
"But Asher hasn't! Or the twins!" She begged as she placed a pillow in her lap, watching her father expectantly.
Dimitrious looked around the room. Asher sat beside Lorelei with Ashlynn on her lap as Lornic moved to sit next to his grandmother Avalon. Dimitrious' eyes met Avalon's and they smiled, a thin blush coming to Avalon's cheeks.
Clearing his throat, he began.
Growing up 3rd in line for the throne, Dimitrious didn’t spend a lot of time learning how to take over the kingdom. He enjoyed sneaking away to the animal sanctuary to learn about the an
Arrow Bullet (Blue) - F2U!   Our Story (Part 2)Dimitrious paused his story to stand and flex his muscles, showing all of his hard work over the years.
"DAD!" Lorelei and Lillianna said to gether as Avalon giggled. A grin stretched across Asher's mouth as the twins joined in the luaghter.
"Okay, okay...where was I?" Dimitrious grinned as he sat down and continued his story.
Five years passed and Luna and Avalon returned home. Dimitrious' tutor and friend told him that Avalon would be returning in one week and he was ready. He was no longer the skinny, clumsy prince she grew up with. Now he was tall and handsome, brave and kind. He would confess his feelings and win her heart. Day in and day out he practiced what he would say to her. A week flew by and the day was here.
Dimitrious took his time going to the throne hall where Avalon and her mother would be greeted by the court for their services to th
Arrow Bullet (Blue) - F2U!   Our Story (Part 3)Dimitrious stopped his story and went to Avalon. An unspoked thought went between them and he went to comfort her. She relaxed into his hug, placing her head on his chest.
Asher looked confused. Lorelei squeezed his hand, promising he would know soon.
Avalon sighed and looked up at Dimitrious. He let go of her slowly, kissing her forhead before he went back to his spot and carried on.
The day before the Spring Celebration, Dimitrious was helping get the seahorses ready. A few were trained but there were still a few that they had to keep their eyes on; Chaos was one of them. He was the perfect seahorse for the King’s Guard. However, because of his past abuse he grew to have a temper and mistrust towards merpeople.
Dimitrious took his time with Chaos and worked with him every day while Avalon was in the hospital wing. Chaos was getting better, hi
Arrow Bullet (Blue) - F2U!   Our Story (Part 4)Lillianna went to Avalon's side and rested her head on her shoulder, tears running down her cheeks. Lorelei looked down, messing with Ashlynn's hair when Asher tilted her chin so he could see her face. Tears were falling down her cheeks. Asher wiped her tears with his thumbs and pulled her close, his heart breaking seeing her like this.
"Keep going Daddy," Lillianna encouraged as she wiped her tears "it gets better."
Dimitrious nodded.
The light was too bright; he could see it through his eye lids. Painfully, he opened his eyes. Where was he? He knew this place, it was the hospital wing. But why was he here? Images rushed through his mind, and then an energy filled him, and Avalon…where was she? What had she done?! He bolted up and looked around, frantic.
Luna placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled. Before he could ask, she told him Avalon wa

Twins and Brizo as teenagers:

A Royal Gathering
"Who will you dance with first?" Lornic followed Ashlynn into the front room.
"Cut it out Lornic!" Ashlynn glared.
"But what if you meet....the one?!" Lornic gasped, eyes widening as he teased his twin relentlessly.
"She won't be meeting anyone's 'one'!" Asher's eyebrows pulled together.
Lorelei watched her family from the doorway, a grin spreading across her lips. Oh Asher, she thought. She walked to
Asher and placed a gentle hand on his arm, bringing his attention to her. His gaze softened.
"Does she really have to go?" He pleaded with his eyes.
"It is for all princesses and she has already agreed." Lorelei cooed.
"I understand that..." Asher took her hands in his "but why will there be guys?"
Laughter filled Lorelei's eyes.
"This isn't funny Lorelei!" Asher frowned.

"It will be okay love because Lornic is going too. "Lorelei smiled.
"Hahahaha....wait...what?" Lornic and Ashlynn turned to their mother, Lornic's smile fading as Ashly


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Hi there! My name is Rachel. I love to all kinds of art though I mainly stick to manga/anime/cartoon type. I am currently into using copic markers and I LOVE them! I am also experimenting with digital art and painting.


Instagram: chelleface90
YouTube: chelleface90

Disney Stamp by Disney-Love Sailor Moon animated stamp 012 by hanakt InuYasha Stamp - Animated by Astanine Jane Austen Stamp by Keliane Once Upon a Time Stamp by TwilightProwler

Disney Ariel Sigh Stamp by TwilightProwler The Little Melody -Stamp- by Sultana-Stamps Disney Beauty and the Beast Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Rapunzel Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Princess Merida  Stamp by TwilightProwler

Disney Princess Aurora Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Hercules + Meg Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Snow White + Her Prince Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Jasmine + Rajah Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Alice in Wonderland Stamp by TwilightProwler

Favorite Dinsey Princess of all time.....Ariel!

Disney Ariel Do Go On Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Ariel + Eric Kiss Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Shy Ariel Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Ariel Stamp by TwilightProwler

Copic Love stamp by KaizokuShojo All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose

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